Identify the 4 Stages of Lightning Cable Damage

October 14, 2015 Jason Wade

This guide will show you the 4 stages of damage that occurs to many Lightning cables, and how to easily fix and prevent the cable from becoming dangerous or even useless.

Stages of Lightning Cable Damage


Stage 1

In stage 1, you'll notice that the exterior of your cable, also called the outer sheathing, begins to bubble.  This bubble begins to appear when the wire is bent at severe angles. 

Here are some examples of Stage 1 damage:

Stage 1 damage to Lightning Cables

This is the weakest point in Apple's Lightning Cable design.  Too much stress here, and your cable will begin to show signs of damage.

Stage 2

In stage 2, the exterior sheathing of the cable begins to split.  The damage has now become more severe, and will quickly lead to stage 3.  

Here are some examples of stage 2 damage:

Stage 2 damage to Apple Lightning Cable

Inevitably, things will progress to stage 3 very quickly.  

Stage 3

In stage 3, the exterior protective sheathing will become completely detached.  No part of the exterior protection remains intact, and the inner wires are now completely exposed.  Danger of electric shock could be possible.  Also, this may also pose a fire hazard.

See examples of stage 3 damage here:


Many cables remain in stage 3 for quite a while before moving into stage 4.  Extended exposure to the wires during stage 3 may pose a very high danger to the user.

Stage 4

Stage 4 involves total failure of the Lightning cable.  At this point, wires begin to break, or become detached and no longer make the connection.  Stage 4 means your Lightning connector has become useless. 

Here's a great example of stage 4 damage:

The Solution

For stages 1 through 3, you can repair damage and prevent it from getting worse! In fact, it's recommended that you strengthen the weak point as soon as you begin using your new cable.

Fix-A-Cable repair tubes will reinforce the weak point in Apple's design and help your cables last MUCH longer.

So don't wait until Stage 4!  Keep useless lightning cables out of landfills, and keep more money in your pocket with Fix-A-Cable repair kits.

It's a cheap, easy solution!

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