Identify the 4 Stages of Lightning Cable Damage

October 14, 2015 Jason Wade

This guide will show you the 4 stages of damage that occurs to many Lightning cables, and how to easily fix and prevent the cable from becoming dangerous or even useless.

Stages of Lightning Cable Damage

By popular demand: Extra Long Repair Tubes for Apple Lightning Charging Cables!

August 09, 2015 Jason Wade

We had so many requests for longer repair tubes, we knew there was a definite need.

So without further adieu, extra long repair kits are now available in the Fix-A-Cable store!

Coming soon: Magsafe cable repair kits!

July 21, 2015 Jason Wade

Did you know that Apple's Lightning charger cables are not the only ones with frequent breakage?

Even the original Magsafe1 charging cables frequently split open along common stress points. 

Even MagSafe Cables fray.

Fix-A-Cable's Repair Kit on Quora!

June 28, 2015 Jason Wade